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Kinetic Cards

Hello everyone! One more post about kinetic cards. And it is that I love this type of cards because they add something more and make them more special.

As I have already told you many times, kinetic cards are a type of cards in which, just by moving the very card, any element of it moves, without the need for complex mechanisms. The dies I've used for these cards are the first ones of this series that Spellbinders released. There are two sets: one focused on female cards and the another one focused on male cards. The sets are made up of many dies that give us lots of possibilities to personalize our cards and fill them with fabulous details.

As I mention in the video-tutorial, Spellbinders is not easy to find in Spanish stores, I don't really know why; perhaps because it is not well received by Spanish consumers, perhaps because its price is somewhat higher... The fact is that they can be found in European stores. Spellbinders has a delegation in the United Kingdom but, after Brexit, buying there is not an easy task due to the customs tariffs to which the items that arrive from there are subjected. Even with that, not the full range of their products is present in European stores, not to say their monthly subscriptions to different clubs (with exclusive products that do not go on normal sale) of stamps, dies, card kits, and a lot more.

For this reason, I did some research and I found dies on AliExpress that I hadn't found in stores. I am not precisely in favor of buying on AlioExpress because if a manufacturer stops having sales, in the end, he will close his business. Think if you had a company that makes products and those products were replicated on AliExpress and your customers stopped buying from you because they find them much cheaper there... You would finally close the business. However, I do see it as suitable as an alternative when we don't find that product in stores. I hope you are encouraged to make this type of cards that are so attractive and are so beautiful. See you in the next post!

Links to Let's Dance (masculine set) and I Dance (feminine set) dies.

Here you are the tutorial for these cards. As always, you can find it along with many other tutorials on my YouTube channel.

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