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Christmas Cards 2022 | No. 2

Hello hello!! I know you were expecting this card last week, but as they say "man proposes, God disposes". And it's just that I've had a busy week... Well, the fact is that the second #Christmas #card of this year is here.

As you can see, it's a bit more elaborate than the previous one: it has several layers, it has different decorations, the style is #vintage, which I love, and it also has a little bit of Christmas glitter. On this occasion, I have used a very special set from @PinkFreshStudio called "Poinsettia", which

comprises a set of stamps (a large main stamp, plus individual stamps, including words and phrases), a set of stencils (this comes with 5) to color our stamp with ink or pastes, a set of dies (in one piece) that, in addition to die-cutting the printed stamp, we die-cut the wonderful washi tape that already has the design of the stamp set printed and colored and which also has a little bit of gold foil to it. As I tell you in the video and as I told you in the previous post, it is difficult to find these brands in Spain and, when we find them, the store in question does not have the full range of products that makes up the entire collection. I believe that we should start being a

little more demanding with our stores and ask for quality brands from them. It is true that this type of product is a bit more expensive but, believe me, it is worth it.

Well, here you are the links, as I promised to you in the video-tutorial, so that you can see the range of products of this style on the PinkFresah website and, specifically, the ones in the set that I have used. Here is the link to the full range of coordinated products with the washi tapes (stamps, die cuts and stencils). Here is the link to the poinsettia products (the link is the one for the washi, but if you scroll down, you will see the products related to it). The Spanish store that I have found with this type of products is Oh Naif, here is the link to it, too. Lastly, I have been using the Lawn Fawn glitter card set, but you can use whatever glitter cards tock you have or whatever you find; Here you have the link to it.

As always, here is the tutorial for this card that, as you know, you can find on my YouTube channel along with other video tutorials. See you in the next post!!

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