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Many of you will have heard of the term junk journal, which seems to be so trendy lately and you may have wondered what it is and what it is for. Well, here I'm offering a little explanation about this format to you!

If we literally translate the English term, we would say that it is a "garbage diary," just like that!! But, it is not a diary that is useless, but rather a diary that is made from scraps, from materials that, beforehand, are totally useless for us, falling into that category of leftovers. Then, it is a journal in which all the material that we find and we can transform it into a page, pocket, tag or card, has room to assemble its structure and its pages. The closest thing to this are the smash books that became so fashionable a few years ago. Normally, we want to use those odd scrap papers that there are left from collections that we buy, but many other bases can be added to form your pages, such as advertising envelopes, book sheets (dictionaries, reading books, encyclopedias,

newspapers...), baking paper, cereal bags, large clothing labels... and even fabrics!!! As I said before, anything goes! For this reason, we will normally find that each page has a size, we are going to find pages of different heights, widths, foldable pages, torn pages... a completely unstructured and fun diary that we can fill in conveniently. As regards its use, well, it is something quite personal and there are people who use it to write down (and illustrate many times) their ideas, there are people who use it as an art journal, there are people who use it as a photo album, and people who combine all possibilities!! For me, the funniest option is the latter... You open a page and find it full of photographs and a bit of journalling about them; in another

we find the idea that you came up with to make a layout and, suddenly, in another you find an artistic page, because you needed to put on paper what had come to your mind...

As you can see, the possibilities of junk journals are so many that, perhaps, for this reason of endless combinations, along with the fact that nothing has to have an exact measurement, these very special journals have become such a real fashion. So I decided to make one, bringing it to my land and contributing my own style. If you want to see it, you can find the tutorial below. You can also visit my YouTube channel to find it along with many others. Hope you like it! See you in the next post!

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