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Christmas Cards 2022 | No.1

Hello, hello!! We live in a constant hurry in our daily life that we are not aware of the period of the year in which we find ourselves... and the truth is that we are coming to the end of November!

So I thought I would start my Christmas Card Series this year right now. And I start it with a very simple card in classic tones: gold and blue. The set of stamps that I have used is "Joy Ornaments" de Colorado Craft Company", a brand that is characterized by its large designs (especially its series of "Big & Bold" stamps) or by

having designers like Anita Jeram or Kris Lauren, who make some designs that I personally love. Surely many of you are familiar with a series of stamps with mice and stars, they seem to have been drawn by a trembling hand... Well, those sets of stamps were made by Anita Jeram. OK, gossip aside, the basic technique for this card is heat embossing, impossible ot make it simpler. The result is an elegant, classic, fine card... I love it!

For those of you who want to do something similar but you do not have this gorgeous set, here are some ideas. First of all, look for material that you have at home, surely among your treasures you will find some background stamp or some stencil that have a filigree drawing, such as an arabesque. Then,

you stamp with embossing ink (you know that my favorite is Versamark ink) and apply the embossing powder in a metallic tone. I have used the Metallic Gold Sparkle, from Wow, (I found them for you at El Niu de L'Art) because I really like the extra effect that the glitter adds. But if you don't have these, you can use the ones you like best. Some embossing powder that look quite good and whose pot brings a lot in, are those by Artemio. Next, die cut, punch or cut out a circle of the size that best suits you and ta-daaaa... You already have a Christmas ball, very similar to this one!! Now you just need to add a typical Christmas sentiment and it is finished. Remember that you can leave a comment at the end of this blog post if you want.

Next I leave you the tutorial that you can enjoy along with many others on my YouTube channel. Hugs for all and see you in the next post!

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